Planning My 2015 Halloween

It’s become evident to me that even though I’m a huge fan of Christmas, Halloween is by far my favorite fall holiday. The kids in our extended family know that they’re coming to my house for Halloween and that I’ll have a really fun spooky spread of food for them to get all grossed out over. In the past, I’ve done hot dog fingers, deviled eggs with spiders made out of olives, a meat loaf shaped like a severed hand, True Blood, eyeball spaghetti, mummy pizzas, chili in a cast iron cauldron, and graveyard cupcakes.

In previous years, I’d let the costume hunting go until the last minute, then I’d end up at Party City with people packed in literally wall to wall and swear to myself that I’d never let it happen again. Then the next year I’d be back there again, thinking about how stupid I am.

This year, however, I finally got the jump on things, and all three of my kids have had their costumes for a couple of weeks now. Miracles do happen, people.


The baby is going to be an Ewok, and I plan to make myself a Leia on Endor costume to carry him around. No helmet, unfortunately, but that would hide my braided hair, wouldn’t it? 🙂 I’ve decided I should hold off cutting it until after Halloween so that I can have the longest hair possible to braid.

I bought a couple yards of brown cloth at WalMart, along with a tie-dye kit to try to make the poncho. I have black boots and blue pajama pants for the rest, and then I’d just need to wear a belt and that’s good enough for me. I’m going to try to make a little cardboard spear for him, and hopefully he won’t stab me in the eye with it while we’re trick-or-treating.

Anyway, freaky food plan for 2015:

  • Severed hot dog fingers on intestine noodles
  • Blood spaghetti with eyeball meatballs
  • Deviled eggs (see the cheese devil I made on AIB for what I’m topping them with)
  • Mac salad brains
  • Poisoned apples
  • Halloween cupcakes

Yes, that’s a lot of stuff, so I have plans to divvy up the food so that I’m not knocking myself out completely before the fun starts. I’ll ask someone else to make the noodles, have someone buy the mac salad, and have someone else bring the pasta for the spaghetti.

This leaves me with the hot dog fingers, the spaghetti sauce and meatballs, the deviled eggs, the poisoned apples, and the cupcakes. Still a lot, but definitely doable! 🙂

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