Have you ever had to cross-check a word for a client to make sure there are no terrible or raunchy meanings hiding in some corner of the Earth? It can be very tiresome! And just when you think it’s all good…

I actually have only gotten to the point where Urban Dictionary comes strolling in to ruin my day (and rain on my author’s parade) once, but boy was that awkward!

Something cool this week: I launched the SimpleMarkup store!

I’ve got a few strips from the past added in the comic format and a modified format. Eventually I’ll get them all added, but if you have something specific you’d like to order from the store, just let me know and I can add it easily! I’ve also got some designs of Edie sitting at her desk that haven’t been in strips.

These could make a great gift for an editor this Christmas! *nudge nudge*

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