SimpleMarkup #11 – The Wasted Squee

Ack! Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Are you like me? Wondering where the day/week/month/year went? 2017 has flown by insanely fast.

Anyway, this week is my attempt to show my thanks for my editor friends, or edibuddies, as we like to call ourselves. It can be hard being a member of the Grammar Police. Cringing at rogue apostrophes. Grinding your teeth at menu typos. I showed my husband a couple of SimpleMarkup comics, and he gave me this awkward “That’s … funny … I guess?” look.

But when you’re around other editors, people from your tribe, suddenly things are different. They know what you’re talking about when you start a rant about interrobangs. When you mention bad dialogue tags, you get shouts of “I KNOW, RIGHT?” They cheer with you when the group discussion finally figures out that weird sentence in your manuscript.

In this one, Edie wastes her little squeeworthy announcement on a non-editor.

I meant to do this a couple months back, when 17 first came out, but I got distracted by other comic ideas, so I’m glad I can finally get this one posted. And yes, this is official permission to call yourselves nerditors.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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