SimpleMarkup #10 – The Introverted Editor

Back when I used to work at a jewelry company, I was responsible for changing price tags on actual items, and I often had to call stores around the country and talk to actual people. Being forced to do so helped me overcome my fear of talking on the phone (which is weird, since I was one of those teenagers who could talk on the phone for six hours straight).

But then I went to work at UH Manoa, and when you’re an admin at UH, it’s easy to turtle up in your office and not have to speak to people very often, so my phone skills plummeted once more. When I started Pikko’s House, the very mention of a phone call with a client made me want to run away screaming. The rare phone call I did do was basically me saying “Uh huh” ad nauseam.

Actually, I don’t know why I wrote that in past tense. I still hate it. LOL! I am getting better at it again, though.

Skype video is on another level of NOPE. It means I need to clean my living room (ugh). And put on makeup (double ugh). Add in the fact that I have Resting Bored AF Face and we have major issues.

How about you? Are you great on the phone or do you avoid it like the plague?

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