The Earthquake Cake

My old office used to have a ton of parties and one Christmas I got the highly coveted package that contained a box of cake mix and The Cake Mix Doctor cookbook. I’d made two cakes before using the book and whenever my cakes came out, little oven Indians had snuck in and put up teepees on my cake layers.

My fellow noob bakers know exactly what I’m talking about. The stupid things rise up into cones if you don’t spread it out correctly. You have to either cut it off, which is risky with a knife since you’re almost guaranteed to cut off too much or too little, or have a cake with Mt. Fuji in the middle.

This time I made the Mom’s Layer Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting and though my teepees weren’t too bad, they were still there. Instead of cutting the tops off, I decided I’d be so smart and just turn the layers upside down. HA HA! I’d outsmarted those stupid cake layers!!!

Now, I’m sure you’ve also noticed my goopy frosting. My made-from-scratch frosting has never set correctly and this was the second extremely goopy cake that I produced. Anyway, I spread it on, put the cake in my cake carrier, and refrigerated the whole thing.

When I opened it the next morning to check on the frosting, I was devastated. The cake had split right down the middle and a flood of frosting had gooped in between.

Earthquake Cake

It only got worse as I stared at it in horror. Eventually the whole thing snapped and this is what it looked like. I took it to our family party anyway. People on Twitter assured me that all it meant was less cake cutting, but I still felt cake rage.

My only consolation was that this cake tasted downright godly, just like all the cakes I’ve made from this book.

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