Garden Update: November 27, 2010

I know I just posted a garden update a couple of days ago, but I’m lagging behind and need to post my pictures to get up-to-date. Then I can start talking about what’s currently going on with our yard.
Mystery... thing
First up, a mystery veggie/fruit from the mystery plant I posted the last time. I honestly don’t know what this is and the really crappy part? The plants are all sick and yellow and they’re now infecting our tomatoes. It’s got be some type of squash, but what exactly?!


We’ve got some pretty gorgeous tomatoes coming out now. Too bad the leaves are turning yellow. 🙁 I’m pretty sure the mystery plant has infected them!

Grape Tomatoes

I can’t wait to use these in some bentos on AIB. They’re taking their sweet time ripening and I really hope it happens before we have to pull it out due to illness.

Weed Tomatoes

As if we don’t have enough tomatoes… I was hanging up clothes one day (yeah, I’ve started using the clothesline!) when I found this thing growing like crazy by the left pole. Fruits are coming out now and I’ll post a picture in the next update, but it looks like cherry tomatoes. We also found one in the back by Baby Girl’s sunflower and one by the front gate. I don’t know where they’re coming from. Bird poop, maybe?!

Baby Basil

Here’s the little baby basil plants I mentioned last time. You can imagine how much basil we’ll be swimming in soon… That’s what I get for being lazy.


We’ve got two dill plants because the first one I bought kept wilting and reviving and wilting and reviving whenever I forgot to water it, which was every day. I thought it was dead, so I bought another plant and then Mr. Pikko planted both and now they both look like this one.


Our first and biggest pomegranate… I watch this thing like a hawk. The second and third ones fell off and there are three more little baby ones on other branches, but this guy is still holding on! Hang in there through the rainstorms!!


I bought a cucumber plant for Buddy at City Mill for a buck 20 and the dang thing took off like crazy. Mr. Pikko accidentally broke the tip off of the main shoot trying to get it to come back on our side of the fence. Thankfully, there’s another part of the plant where it’s still growing.

We’ve actually already eaten this one because Mr. Pikko said it was about to fall off. I chilled it in the fridge and then chopped it into sticks and both kids ate it with a lot of Ranch dressing. I learned never to leave them alone with a bottle of the stuff… Hopefully I can make some homemade one with my dill and chives soon!


In closing, here’s Mr. Pikko’s lettuce. I asked him why the heck there’s like 30 sprouts of lettuce at the end and he admitted that when he planted them, his hands were a little wet. I found this hilarious.

Credit for all this growth goes to Mr. Pikko, with the exception of the weed tomatoes.

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