Review: Pinzon Mezzaluna Set

Pinzon MezzalunaThe Pinzon Mezzaluna Set, which is sadly out of stock at the moment, was something that Mr. Pikko got for me for Christmas. Since I’ve started cooking with a lot of fresh herbs lately, this was a great gift and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Read my little blurb on “WTF is a Mezzaluna” if you’re not sure what it does.

I had read quite a few negative reviews on Amazon, but these seem to be by people that are coming from using a bowl and a sharper blade to cut up larger quantities of herbs. Since I only chop up a handful or so of herbs at a time, this fits me pretty well. I’m also pretty happy with the ease with which it cuts. Perhaps the other people got a particularly bad blade.

Block and Herbs

Here’s the chopping block with a bunch of herbs I’m going to put into some chicken soup. One side of the block is flat while the other is indented for use with the rounded blade.

Chopping Herbs

I guess I can see what people mean about the herbs being pressed apart rather than sliced apart, since you can see some indentations on some leaves that I didn’t get through. However, since I have a tendency to cut myself with too-sharp objects, this is a good thing. And since you have to run your finger across the blade to get pieces of herb off, that totally increases my chances of slicing some skin. Plus, there’s the kids to worry about, since I store this on the countertop.

Chopped Herbs

Here it is, all chopped up after about a minute. I used the blade to move the outer herbs back into the center and then rock the blade through them some more until it gets finely chopped. So although it may not be great for chefs looking to cut a lot of herbs or people who don’t need to worry about possibly killing themselves while preparing dinner, it certainly made a happy little cook out of me!

Fresh herbs are so perdy. 😉

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