Garden Update: February 1, 2011

I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I should, but I’m very sad to report that both our dill plants are severely sick and one probably dead. Apparently aphids like dill and both plants are all droopy and yellow. *sob*


Here’s Mr. Pikko’s lettuce harvest from the weekend. He wanted to plant more things, so he just picked them ALL, not thinking that maybe we didn’t have room in the fridge for asstons of lettuce. He’s still awesome for growing it in the first place though.

Hayden Mangoes

The other week while talking to the chickens, I saw a crashed mango by their coop and I flipped out because it was under the Hayden tree. It’s January! I didn’t think Hayden showed themselves until the summertime! Anyway, I looked up and there were like 5 mangoes. These are the last two and they’re hubungous. Here’s a picture with my hand under one:

Mango Size

Sure, I have small hands, but they’re still huge. And soooooooooooo good!

Moon & Stars Melon

Here’s my Moon & Stars watermelon plant. As you can see, it has yellow spots and you might think this means it’s sick, but it’s actually how the plant is supposed to be. The melon also has these spots all over it, thus the name. It’s supposed to have yellow flesh!

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