Mango Sorbet Mania

It’s been raining mangoes down here at the Pikko household, with this week bringing a particularly heavy set of fruit deciding it was time to plunge down to the ground without waiting for us. We gave away almost 20 manoges on Easter Sunday, but by the time Wednesday rolled around, we had over sixty that we had either picked or picked up from the ground and were partially salvageable. I’d wake up the morning after picking in the afternoon and find five more on the ground. So frustrating!

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How to Cube a Mango

Growing up in Hawaii, you would think that I’ve got mango trees all around me and I could eat them anytime I wanted to. It’s partially true. I grew up on the Big Island and there are common mango trees. The catch is, most of them were in Kalapana, which is a pretty dang far drive from the main town of Hilo.

If we wanted the ultimate mango, Hayden, they had to come from Honolulu, which was practically like the mainland for the

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