55 Cute Baby Bunny Pictures

Earlier this month, Mr. Pikko’s efforts with his new batch of rabbits from the mainland finally began to pay off, with much larger litters than what he’d been getting with the line he got locally. It’s taken months to get to this point, but two bunnies had litters of 8 and one had a litter of 6. The bunnies from the old line sadly had litters of 1 and 2, so there’s really no question now that they’re just bad stock.

Anyway, 16 of them were born on October 10, so today they’re just about 2 1/2 weeks old and he had to weigh them and remove the nest box, so I had the chance to take a ton of photos. If you want to view this set as a gallery, go here.

Baby Bunnies
The bunnies prefer to be supported by their butts, so I hold them like this with their feet up high.

Another picture of the same pose, with slightly different expression. Both too cute!

Baby Bunny 3
You wouldn’t believe how soft they are at this age, it’s crazy!

Waiting to be weighed
These are waiting to be weighed.

Karate Bunny!
Karate chop bunny! Hi-yah!

Deadly bunny chop.

Tiny Bunny
I love when they have their eyes open!

Batch of Bunnies
Again, waiting to be weighed. Mr. Pikko transfers them to a plastic tub, then weighs each one and then they got to go back into the cage with a cute bed of straw and alfalfa.

Bunny or guinea pig?
Next week they’ll look particularly cute because their ears will be longer. Right now it kind of looks like a guinea pig.

This is actually a photo of a more recent litter. They are hairless and kind of look like little rats. 🙁

In the box
This is Stevie’s litter still in their nesting box.

Karate Bunny 2
Another karate shot. This bunny’s feisty!

Bunnies on their straw bed
Here’s Buddy holding one on his lap. We have to try to get them used to being handled.

Buddy Holding Bunny
Buddy Holding Bunny 2
Bunnies on Straw
Baby Bunnies
Baby Bunnies
Some of them started eating the bed, which was adorable!

Nibble nibble!
Bunny Nest
Baby Bunnies
Baby Bunnies
I’m apparently a boring bunny handler, as it fell asleep.

Sleepy Bunny
“I’m innocent, I swear!”

I didn't do it!
It’s a bunny holdup!

I surrender!
Bunny in the Grass
Baby Bunny in the Grass
Baby Bunny Sniffing in the Grass
Baby Bunny
Hop hop!
Baby Bunny Exploring

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