Weight Loss Record – January 14-20, 2013

Here’s my documentation for the week of January 14 through 20, 2013 for my weight loss progress. This week’s goal was 5 days of exercise, 3 days dog walking, 5 bentos, and 1 lb weight loss. (same as week 1)


Monday – 152.7 lbs
Tuesday – 153 lbs
Wednesday – 153.7 lbs
Thursday – 152.8 lbs
Friday – 153.7 lbs
Saturday – 154.2 lbs
Sunday – 153.7 lbs


Monday – Coach’s oatmeal with honey and milk, sweet bread w/ coconut butter
Tuesday – Sweet bread with honey, Special K with 2% milk and fresh blueberries
Wednesday – Coach’s oatmeal with honey and milk
Thursday – Coach’s oatmeal with honey and milk
Friday – Coach’s oatmeal with honey, milk, and blackberries
Saturday – Coach’s oatmel with honey and milk
Sunday – Crispix and 1% milk, sweet bread with honey


Monday – Ham/cauliflower bento with squash
Tuesday – Somen (stayed home sick), sweet bread with honey
Wednesday – Spaghetti bento
Thursday – Oyako donburi bento
Friday – Beef tofu soup
Saturday – Tonkatsu curry rice
Sunday – Lipton soup with egg and rice


Monday – Apple, leftover chocolate cake, pomegranate
Tuesday – pomelo, Samurai dessert
Wednesday – Banana, pomegranate
Thursday – pomegranate, banana, carrots
Friday – can’t remember
Saturday – pina colada bubble drink


Monday – Oyako donburi and rice
Tuesday – Spaghetti and garlic bread
Wednesday – Pork Tofu and rice
Thursday – Shabu shabu
Friday – Sushi
Saturday – Filet mignon, asparagus
Sunday – Chicken curry with rice


Monday – biked 2 miles, 30 day Shred Level 1
Tuesday – rest day
Wednesday – Killer Buns & Thighs Level 1
Thursday – biked 2 miles, rest day
Friday – 30 Day Shred Level 1, biked 2 miles
Saturday – slacker day
Sunday – slacker day again


I did awful on exercise, only working out 3 times during the week and not doing any dog walking again. I weighed in at 153.1 lbs on Monday morning, which means I gained .4 lbs, but I’m chalking this up to a week of multiple cheat nights, two special occasions, and muscle building. lol 😉

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