The Pikko’s House YouTube Channel is Live!

I did a lot of thinking over the summer on how I could improve things for my editing business, and while a YouTube channel was something I’d previously written off as silly for a freelancing business, the idea slowly started to sound better to me, so I started off by ordering a video intro from a seller at Fiverr (one of the things I love buying from there, along with artwork). The intro will go ahead of some tutorial videos I have planned out, hopefully starting next month. If you’re interested in seeing what I have coming up, please subscribe to my channel.

I’d really like to be able to get a custom channel name, but to do this I need at least a hundred subscribers and my channel must be at least thirty days old. Hoping to get there eventually!

Anyway, another thing I’d been wanting to do was get a whiteboard video done, but I didn’t really like the options I saw on Fiverr for that, and when I looked online, the pricing was a little too high for what I was going for. Eventually I found my way to, which is a cloud-based video editing software that helps you easily create whiteboard explainer videos. They have very modern and sleek templates to choose from, and my first one was based off of one of those without too much customization from me.

This video explains the booking process clients go through when signing with me. It was upbeat and happy and I was very pleased with the result.

Since I had to purchase a set of three videos, I figured I’d try another one to explain my editing services. I wanted this one to be more brand heavy, so I took one of the templates and butchered it up, changing a ton of things to make it my own. It took me almost seven hours of work, but in the end I love the result.

I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on this one, with the sole complaint being that some of the text goes by too fast. It’s not something I can change without paying double what I paid to be able to download this one though, so I just have to live with the speed and people will have to rewind or pause. Hopefully it’s fine for people who need things to move quickly. In any case, I always have my fully fleshed out service pages available for people who prefer to read descriptions.

Things I have planned for 2016 include a Track Changes tutorial, a yearly review, and maybe some book selfie vlogs. Either way, I’m excited! 🙂

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