SimpleMarkup – Scheduling Woes

When I launched SimpleMarkup last week, I actually had two comics ready to go, and while I said I’d post one every two weeks, this one is a bit relevant now with the recent freeing of authors from their wonderful, beautiful, LOVELY (but bored) children happening all over the place.

Plus I’m impatient.

This one touches on the scheduling woes of a fiction editor. I forget this happens every year, then a flood of people will arrive and suddenly three people NEED one slot in October or they’ll go elsewhere and sample edits start piling up and quotations need to be issued. Thankfully, this year I started using 17Hats, and it’s made the admin side a lot smoother.

Response has been great for the comic, which is awesome! I just got in a bunch of new drawings to work with, so be sure to follow it on my social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by subscribing to my blog in the sidebar.

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