SimpleMarkup #15 – The Free Vacation

Ah, the ups and downs of freelancing. No dress code. You set your own hours. You are in charge of your own destiny!

At least, sometimes. Other times, like during the holidays, everyone gets understandably bogged down, and this can turn into an unplanned vacation.

The upside is: You can get everything done! Shopping, baking, cards, wrapping, chillaxing! No one knows how you do it while running a business!

I don’t have to get into the obvious downside.

This happened to me two years in a row, so last year I tried to book only completed manuscripts for December, but that didn’t work out very well since I never did find enough people who fit that bill. This year, I was like, WELL, I’m going to head this problem off at the pass and book oodles of projects! And of course, this is the year only one or two people postpone and everyone else starts banging on my door with manuscripts in hand. I’m not ungrateful for the work, but I do wish I could manage to strike a good balance one year. Maybe in 2018… 🙂

Happy Holidays from Pikko’s House!

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