SimpleMarkup #25 – Currency Woes

Uh oh. February is just about done, and it still feels like the new year just began. Does 2018 feel like it’s running away from anyone else?

SimpleMarkup 25 Currency Woes

This week’s comic addresses the tactic that editors are confronted with from time to time. You see, while there are many fantastic writers out there who really appreciate editors and what we do, there are others out there who don’t always understand that editors… well, we need to eat.

And while exposure from someone who can truly get your name out there can be invaluable (I should know), novice authors are often the ones telling you that when they hit the New York Times Best Sellers List, that’s when you’ll truly understand what a wise decision it was not to be paid in mere dollars.

Let me know if you’ve ever been in Edie’s shoes.

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