SimpleMarkup #31 – The Creepy Uncle

Happy Wednesday, SimpleMarkup readers! We’re now only four days away from the end of Mercury in retrograde, and while some people consider blaming a poor widdle planet for bad luck to be the height of ridiculousness (yeah, yeah, science nerds, I know it’s not actually moving backward), when thing after thing after thing seems to be going wrong, well, that dizzy planet sure is easy to blame.

The misery ends April 15. Which brings us to…

SimpleMarkup #31

I should note, however, that taxes this year are due on the 17th, not the usual 15th. The 15th landed on a Sunday this year. And I doubt any of my fellow American editors forgot. I just liked the idea of him poofing in front of Edie’s desk. 🙂

Are you an early bird when it comes to taxes? Or do you wait until the last minute like my husband and I usually do?

Also, hrm, I just noticed I forgot to erase that bowl on her desk. Oops. Too late. It’s midnight. Have a great rest of the week!

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