SimpleMarkup #32 – The Anticlimactic Search

Okay, yikes, April is halfway gone, and today is THE last day for you to pay your federal taxes! Why the 18th? Taxes were due yesterday, but apparently so many people were trying to pay online that the IRS website crashed, and good ole Uncle Sam, who scared the dickens out of Edie last week, has to wait another day for his moolah.

This next one is a problem I encounter all the time, and it’s soooo frustrating!

SimpleMarkup32 The Anticlimactic Search

Sometimes it’s as portrayed in the comic, and I remember I can and should Find/Replace any other instances. This usually happens after two or three manual corrections I make. So then I do a Find/Replace, and ARGH! That was the last one.

The other time this happens is with names with typos. I’ll catch some hard-to-spot variation on a unique name and think, Aha! I shall vanquish all further instances of this same mistake and editorial glory shall be bestowed upon me!

And then that was the only one.

Ever had this happen to you or am I just a big ole editor dork?

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  1. Oh yes! All of these happen to me nearly every single day. A curse or a privilege? 🙂

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