SimpleMarkup #33 – Morning Routine

Holy smokes, am I really on Week 33 of doing this comic? Before I know it, I’ll be approaching a year doing this, and maybe I’ll have time to put together a little coffee table book.

Don’t forget, I put special extended SimpleMarkups in my Book Lovers Box, and the second box is going to go out in the next week! Care to guess what the theme this month will be?

I used to do this with coffee ALL THE TIME, but now that I make sure I drink coffee in the morning to avoid a headache, I do this more often with tea. I’ve drunk re-re-re-re-reheated tea before. In the end I usually only drink it out of stubbornness and the idea that if I don’t drink it, all that walking to the microwave all day was for nothing.

Do you do this? If so, what drink are you always forgetting?

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