SimpleMarkup #37 – The Rush Job

I am happy to announce that I have nearly vanquished my horribly annoying and butt-kicking cold. I can’t believe this is the third week I’ve been writing about it. That means I had it for almost a month! Hopefully all of you have been much healthier than my family.

This one is a bit exaggerated, but I’ve heard quite a few stories from fellow editors about authors who take a really long time to finish their novels (just to add: nothing wrong with that), and then suddenly, once it’s finished, it’s got to be published IMMEDIATELY, and anyone unable to accommodate this is being unreasonable.

The thing about this is, other than being overly optimistic and quite demanding, it’s not very considerate. You’ve got to be smart about approaching an editor, especially if they’re a person in high demand. After all, people with large client bases probably already have full schedules, and assuming they’ve been sitting around waiting for your call is a bit lacking in foresight. I know some people booked a year in advance. I’m booked for the next four months. If you’re going to need something done by X date, plan it out in advance and book all your services with lots of production time in mind.

And as for the comic itself, well, sometimes us editors get requests so ridiculous that we have to laugh it out before we can find the right professional words to send back. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “SimpleMarkup #37 – The Rush Job”

  1. If I were looking for an editor, I might actually be a little wary of one who was available immediately . . . why aren’t they in demand?

    SimpleMarkup is always funny because it’s always TRUE. Another great one!

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