SimpleMarkup #46 – Invisible Productivity

Ugh, it’s the end of July already. Where did the month go, seriously? I need to pull a time-stopping device out of one of my clients’ sci-fi books and use it for my own nefarious (to get myself more Netflix binging time, obv, since I only allow myself to do that maybe once every two months) purposes.

Anyway, this week I’m addressing an annoying thing that resides in the invisible confines of a freelance business. Do you know what it is?

SimpleMarkup #46

Yeah, I know you guys have been there. You’re all set. ALL FIRED UP! And then you realize just how far behind you are on all those little tasks that keep your business running. All of those things above Edie’s head are what I have to try to keep up with every day to keep Pikko’s House going, and oftentimes it leads to a serious cut in “real” work time. And the busier you get, the more admin you have to do.

I used to think that charging clients an admin fee wasn’t something I felt comfortable with, but then I started using Freckle to track my time, and when 15 minutes here and 20 minutes there and 10 minutes to do this little task starts staring you in the face, you realize that it’s no joke. Your time really does get eaten up just by running things. It’s something I’m considering for 2019 for sure.

How about you? Do you charge an admin fee?

Oh! Some exciting news since last week: I got accepted into the Merch by Amazon program, and as a result, my Grammar Enforcer T-shirt is available via Amazon Prime! Whee! I’m hoping to add more in time for the holiday season. I still have my store on RedBubble, as the type of print-on-demand merchandise on Amazon is still limited. I’m excited to see what they add to their slate.

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