SimpleMarkup #52 – The Editor’s Nemesis

WOOHOO, you guys! I did it! I wrote a weekly comic for A FULL YEAR! I can hardly believe it.

When I first started SimpleMarkup, I intended for it to be a monthly comic, because I didn’t think I had it in me to do one weekly, and I thought for sure I’d sputter out along the way. Turns out, this lil profession has a lot to laugh about.

Also, yeah, I misspoke last week. She doesn’t turn one this week; that’s next week. Today is simply the day I hit this crazy awesome milestone. Join me for the celebration next week!

Yeah. You know this person. And I’m sure you’ve imagined their evil selves sitting at their comp, all smug and stuff. This happens to me every now and then, and people always tell me to just stop. And in my head I know I’m not perfect, but I always want to be. I tell myself my daughter once found a typo in a Harry Potter hardcover. I myself found a missing period in a different Harry Potter book. Whenever a book I edit goes to one of my proofreaders, they always find stuff. Always.

Remember: Perfection is certainly something to aspire to, but as an editor, it’s not realistic to expect yourself to be perfect, and the lack of it doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

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