SimpleMarkup #54 – A Question of Style

Happy Wednesday, everyone! This week, I’m approaching a huge milestone in my editing career: 100 books edited! I’ve got to double check things to make sure I’m correct, but for sure I’m within one or two books of hitting that big number. It feels like there should be a loud clanging noise leveling me up somehow. I’m not sure how I’ll celebrate yet. Any ideas?

I’m thinking a slice of cheesecake from this little hole-in-the-wall cheesecake shop near here might be good, plus a full night of actual couch potatoing, something I haven’t done since, like, February.

This week, I’m bringing back the Princess Bride theme. Mostly because I’ve had a bunch of these characters in reserve for weeks like these when I can’t think of anything else to do. Of course, as soon as I finished it, a better comic idea popped into my head. Figures, right? Next week!

SimpleMarkup #54

If you’re not sure what’s going on, they’re inquiring with someone at SMOS, the much-lesser-known style guide called the Sicilian Manual of Style. I’m told there’s only one copy, it’s in an old library in Florin, and if you argue with the Help Desk guy, he’ll shriek “INCONCEIVABLE!” at you.

My Grammar-Nerd-Apalooza is still going on. Don’t forget to enter!

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