Happy 1st Birthday to Edie Grammar!

HOORAY! One year ago, I launched SimpleMarkup, a webcomic for freelance editors like me. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m so glad I started doing this thing. It’s taught me a lot about time management, procrastination, patience, and positivity. It’s stressful, but it’s also uplifting, because making friends laugh is worth it.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me over the last year. I get so many nice PMs and emails about the comic. That’s really what kept me going a lot of the time, and I hope to keep doing it for another year.

In celebration, I’ve got a big giveaway with lots of prizes. To enter, use the widget below! Good luck!



5 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to Edie Grammar!”

  1. I love the comic where a person tries to get Edie to do an editing job for free just because it’s freelance work. 😀

  2. The first Edie comic I ever saw was the one where someone was trying to pay her in Exposure Bucks. I was hooked! Congratulations on ONE YEAR!

  3. My favorite Edie comic was when she asked her edibuddies what version of Word they use to edit. The responses were hilarious (and so real)!

  4. You are amazing. The laser beam of smarts, humor and good energy that comes pouring out of you on this site, through Edie’s adventures and in our group discussions at the EFA is a light in the world. Thanks for what you do and HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDIE!

  5. I’ve enjoyed Edie’s trials and tribulations for the last year, but my recent favorite was the dueling angel and devil. I know we’re supposed to be kind and gentle, but give-it-to-’em-straight is often more my style!

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