SimpleMarkup #63 – Customer Service

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to my fellow USians! I’m going to try to take it easy this weekend on the cooking front, as my sister-in-law is buying a turkey package from Kapiolani Community College this year. I’m cooking some sides that I like to have that weren’t included, such as roasted carrots and parsnips, shredded Brussels sprouts with bacon, and something new that I haven’t tried to make before: a cranberry cream cheese pie!

Back in my hometown, there was this restaurant called Kay’s, and they used to make a blueberry cream cheese pie that looked a lot like this. My family loved it, so I’m going to give it a go, except with cranberries. Since I love making fresh cranberry sauce and just eating it, I’m guessing I’ll love this pie too.

In this week’s SimpleMarkup, Edie is asked what she’s thankful for, but after she answers, she and the person she’s talking to have a different idea of what she meant.

SimpleMarkup #63

I need to keep today’s blog post short and sweet, so I’ll just finish up by wishing anyone celebrating a very happy Thanksgiving!

To my client, friends, and colleagues, have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! (And I hope you find some awesome shopping deals too!)

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