SimpleMarkup #66 – Roller Coaster Ride

Holy cow, I just looked at the calendar, and Christmas is in two weeks! I guess it’s time to light the fire under my butt and get going on ordering my New Year’s cards, making sure I endure the heart-attack-inducing, hair-pulling—wait, I mean, the wonderful, utterly delightful home photo session with my three mini monsters for our Christmas card, and go buy my yearly shipment of chocolate mac nuts to send out. Thank goodness I put a block on my schedule this year for the holidays. I’ll still be working, but at least nothing new will be coming in for a bit, giving me time to catch up.

So this week’s comic is about balance, because this exact situation happened to me in the last week. And while I was cool as a cucumber in my reply to the first email, Edie’s bulging eyes are pretty accurate when we’re talking about my reaction. And in the end, it all worked out when another client in the same month came to tell me their book had been cut in half. It doesn’t always work out this way with scheduling, but when it does, boy, does it feel fantastic!

Got any stories about how things worked out in the end? Comment below!

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