SimpleMarkup #68 – Edit the Halls

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! We had family over for a late Christmas lunch, which in hindsight was a terrible idea with three kids, since this meant a long present-opening session followed quickly by barely an hour to enjoy gifts, then a frenzied cleaning so that it didn’t look like a trash heap in our living room. The upside to this is that today I have a clean living room. Last year the living room had the trash-heap look for a solid week.

As for my Christmas haul, I got some fantastic things to make my 2019 working at home, better. I got a quick-heating water kettle, which will be amazing for making tea really quickly (vs me forgetting my cup of water in the microwave until it’s cold several times a day), I got some photo backgrounds for me to use to get more into Bookstagramming, a cute feather calligraphy pen (a great photo prop in addition to me having a new calligraphy pen!), and my hubby got me a solid state drive, which he says will make my computer a lot faster. That last one is the one I’m most excited about because running Photoshop and InDesign at the same time was such a drag before. I need more speed!

Other gifts I got: a Chewbacca covering for my seatbelt (YES!!), a Harry Potter Lifeprinter (got that for myself, ahem), a two-piece knife set, an adorable inverted umbrella, and an air fryer. I’m super excited for that last one when I go back on keto after the new year. Or just in general. I hate deep frying things in general.

This week’s comic is the last comic I’ll be posting on my old website design. This site is the second design I’ve used since changing Pikko’s House into my editing business, and I’m super DUPER excited about my reveal next week. Pikko’s House 3.0 is coming!

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