SimpleMarkup #70 – The Seventh Sense

Today has been hectic so far, so hectic that I had to skip breakfast to create this week’s comic, guzzle my coffee in the car, and am now writing this in a doctor’s waiting room. (Everything is fine. Just an appointment for a kiddo.)

This comic was a spur-of-the-moment one, and it touches on a thing that came up during an editing discussion this morning, one of those cool mutual-discovery things that you don’t always think about that other editors experience too—in this case it’s a mysterious editor’s seventh sense.

Have you ever been working, when suddenly you think you should go back and read what you just worked on, and whoa, there’s actually a glaring error you missed? One that, had you kept going on your merry way, would have burned a hole in your soul had it gone through? Or maybe you get up to use the bathroom, then when you sit back down, something makes you backtrack a sentence or two, and GAH!

That’s the sense I’m talking about here, and it’s saved my bacon many times. Let me know if this has ever happened to you. Thanks to Sarah for the inspiration!

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