SimpleMarkup #72 – Secret References

Ohh boy. Only one week left in January. I’m getting close to finishing up my New Year’s cards. Got the cards all written up, and now I just need to do the envelope stuffing and them offload them on my poor mailman. I need to get them out before January this year. I meant to get them out by the first week of January, but then the website time vortex happened.

This week, Edie gets a request from a client for a reference for an edit she made.

The idea for this one came about a couple of months ago in my Pikko’s House office Slack. That’s one of the best parts about having edibuddies—jokes you crack about your profession actually get laughed at.

Hmm, that’s not a bad idea for another week. I dunno about you guys, but I find that editing frustrations and jokes shared with my family are usually met with blank stares.

Anyway, have you ever had to pull out CMOS 17.15?

See you next week!

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