SimpleMarkup #73 – Dressing the Part

Last week, I got the weekly comic done early Tuesday night, scheduled everything to automatically post in the morning before I even got up, and it was such smooth sailing. I was like, yesss, this is how I must do it every week. Efficiency! Productivity!

Of course, this week I blanked out, and I spent a good amount of time last night, this morning when I got up, in the car during the school run, and more time once I sat down to work, just coming up with nada.

Finally, though, something.

SimpleMarkup #73

This one is inspired by one of my old, very-early-on goals when I first started working from home. I read some articles on how to not feel isolated, and one of the tips was to dress like you were going to work. It did help to some extent, but now that it’s been five years and this freelancing this is a groove I’ve settled into, I’ve just learned to pick out clothes that can double as work attire and pajamas and still make it look like I care at least 60% about how I look outside the house. (Translation: black yoga pants and a comfy pop-culture T-shirt)

Have a great week, everyone, and to all of you who just had Elsa move in nearby, please stay warm and safe!

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