SimpleMarkup #90 – Dressing the Part

I’m super excited today because as I write this, my new desk is waiting for me. Sure, it’s unassembled and currently sitting outside on the front steps because Office Depot wasn’t allowed to carry it up any stairs, but it’s still here! I can carry it in one piece at a time and put it together. If I’m anything, I’m determined, and I’m gonna have my spiffy new desk ready to work at by today!

That said, time’s a wasting, and I need to get to assembling.

It’s seriously bugging me that Proofreader Edie looks so off, but it’s actually Dev Edie’s fault. Her axe shoved her to the right, making the whole thing look weirdly spaced. I measured this thing, and Line Edie and Proofreader Edie are perfectly aligned.

Dang you, Dev Edie!

Wish me luck with my desk! (and no wrenched back)

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