SimpleMarkup #91 – The Rush Order

This week, I’m so happy to be working on my brand-new desk/hutch combo, the one I mentioned last week and which I spent six and a half hours putting together. It feels so fantastic to be at a real desk instead of the little sewing table I’d been sitting at for years. I feel more legit somehow.

If only I hadn’t completely trashed my body in the process. More on this after the comic.

Poor Edie dropped everything to help accommodate a client, only to have ninety minutes of frantic booking work go down the drain. I’ve never had this exact situation happen to me, but even on a lesser scale this can be very frustrating, and you’re likely going to have to shop around for another editor soon after pulling a stunt like this. Do not do impulse shopping when it comes to book editing!

Anyway, the OfficeMax truck arrived early, at around 9 a.m., and the first snag was that we live on the second floor of a house, and the delivery guy wasn’t allowed to deliver anything upstairs. So, okay, that’s bad, cause this delivery guy puts down the first box, huffs heavily, and goes, “That’s the light one.”

Oh boy. I was gonna have to carry everything in piece by piece.

I start unpacking things in the 85-degree heat of my front yard, and the first piece I take out was so shockingly heavy that I dropped it on a rock and chipped it. Argh! But it was an inner area, so it was… fine. <grits teeth> The top piece of the desk felt like it was going to snap my back in half, and on my way up the stairs it occurred to me that I should have called my husband rather than be a stubborn idiot trying to do it all herself. But oops, too late.

In the end, after several buckets of sweat, hours of work, and a double dose of Advil, I had my new work area.

Sweet, right? So yeah, that’s the new “office” of Pikko’s House, where I make book magic happen. My wrist still hurts a week later, but I’m really happy, and I look forward to all my edits to come. 🙂

Have a great rest of your week!

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