SimpleMarkup #95 – No Pressure

It’s July, and I’m already kicking butt when it comes to work productivity, but that means that it’s July 3, and with a last-minute get-together happening at our house, I’m stuck between wrapping up two projects and doing the panicked grocery-shopping scramble.

Actually, my family is going to see Spider-Man: Far From Home tonight, so maybe I can take advantage of some late-night shopping, when there’s no worry about parking and hordes of people.

Of course, as always, some crucial item will be missing from my kitchen cabinet or fridge, requiring above-mentioned store panic anyway. It never fails.

This week’s comic addresses a teeny-tiny thing I experience: tag anxiety. Sometimes someone will tag me in a post out of nowhere, and I’ll have this long moment as Facebook loads where I feel put on the spot and wonder if I’ll know the answer to the question for which I’ve been summoned. Things are almost always fine, but it doesn’t mean the split-second anxiety goes away.

Have a fantastic July, and stay cool!

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