SimpleMarkup #101 – The Gift Horse

Hoo-freaking-ray, school has started here in Hawaii. We got my littlest one off to a great start in kindergarten (no tears at all!), my older kids are back in school, and I have actual, real stretches of peace and quiet here at home.

It’s glorious.

This is loosely based on personal experience, only mine resulted in a quick awkward laugh and that was the end of it. I turned forty this past April, and my daughter very nicely secreted off to the mall and bought me a gift with her own money. I was so touched. It was a giant mug for me to drink tea out of. I loved it!

And then as we were leaving the house one day, I saw the back, which said “Hugs, not ugh’s.” I still use it, obviously, and I still love it, but that’s what gave me the idea for this one. Because that gift horse, especially when ridden by loved ones, is practically invulnerable.

By the way, to clarify, Edie’s bleach accident would happen on the wayward apostrophe, not on the shirt as a whole. Mama Edie’s still gotta find a way to wear it!

Have you ever received a typo gift?

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