SimpleMarkup #118 – Editor Cheer

Um, so… IT’S TWO WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. I have no idea how this happened. I guess it was because Thanksgiving was so late, but I have no idea where the month went, and all my “lots of time” to do shopping is gone. I really need to spend some time this weekend getting it all finished.

A couple of things that I wanted to mention (but also need to blog about separately):

  • I was recently a guest on the Author Stories Podcast with Hank Garner. If you have some time and want to hear me ramble about editing, give it a listen!
  • I launched my school, Pikko’s School of Wordcraft and Editing, a couple of weeks ago, and I have a free mini course called Properly Punctuating Dialogue up now for people who join and want to get an idea of what my courses will look like. Joining the school is free!

I’ve got lots of deadlines to meet before I check out for the year and start… other work. Other work as in, business that I’m not paid for but still have to take care of and just don’t have time for throughout the year, like updating my portfolio and getting a SimpleMarkup book put together!

Have a great rest of your week!

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