SimpleMarkup #121 – Prescriptivist Protest


I’m a couple of days late with this one, just like with last week’s Christmas one, but I’ve been trying to relax for a few days before I gear up and get 2020 work started. I looked at my time records last year and found out that I only gave myself four full days off last year.

As in, 4 out of 365. Not four weekdays or any of that M–F, 9–5 stuff of the past. Four days total.

In short, I really need to find time to chill, or I’ll probably just drop dead eventually.

This week, Edie’s displaying one of her new year’s resolutions and immediately comes face-to-face with the precise thing she’s protesting.

While, as an editor, I’m constantly acting like the word police, being a fiction editor, or just being an editor online, means taking and allowing liberties with language, because as people, we make sh*t up all the time, and often it becomes A Thing. But some people just can’t accept this, and boy can they get smug about it.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll hopefully see you back here in my regularly scheduled Wednesdays next week!

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