SimpleMarkup #122 – Writing Contagions

Gleep! It’s Thursday. I know I missed my usual Wednesday comic, but since I posted last week’s on Friday, I’m still trying to get back on schedule. My kids finally went back to school on Tuesday, but I’m also trying to fend off a cold that I can sense sneaking in. I’ve been eating soup and drinking tea and going to bed early because the last thing I need is to fall behind in January.

This week’s comic is about contagious writing habits, and let me tell you, this is a real thing. Sometimes I’ll work on a manuscript that has a very distinct problem that I have to fix over and over, and sometimes I’ll go and write something else and find myself doing that very thing I’ve been correcting ad nauseam.

Usually I have to go and reset my brain by watching something like reality TV or some random Marvel movie, maybe listening to music. Anything but reading. And that usually does the trick.

It’s been really rainy and windy here in Hawaii, and I’m glad. We haven’t had a “winter” here so far, having had it in the mid-eighties all through Christmas and New Year’s, and I grew up in one of the cooler parts of Hawaii, so it never truly feels like the holidays until the temperature drops to A/C degrees.

I’ve got lots of things on my to-do, including my overdue 2019 Year in Review and my 2020 goals, so watch for those soon!

Have a great weekend!

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