SimpleMarkup #124 – An Editor’s Editor

It’s finally here! The “cold” season in Hawaii, when the air feels like the A/C is on, except I get to save on electricity because it’s just the air. I love this time of year. I remember when it used to start in mid-December, but in the last two years, that seems to have moved to mid or end of January, which is a bummer, because the heat usually always comes back right on schedule.

I always feel like I can work easier during these few short weeks because I don’t have to be constantly sweating or have the A/C rumbling. Also, I sleep better, so I’ve been taking advantage of this and staying on top of things, though my new year’s cards are still a work in progress, eep!

In this week’s comic, Edie decides she can no longer see where her comments in an edit need “debitchifying” (a made-up word editors tend to use) and decides to hire another editor to do it.

That phrase “even editors need editors” can be interpreted in more ways than one!

Also, did you know that you can print out a list of just your comments? I did not, but I decided to go look this up while writing this blog post, and this seems extremely useful for when you DO want to go looking for a DB editor. I was able to do this in Word 365 with All Markup, Insertions and Deletions and Formatting markup turned off, and only myself checked off in Specific People. I printed it to a PDF, and that was it.

Hooray for learning something new today!

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