SimpleMarkup #136 – Editor’s Block

Remember how, in pre-COVID life, today would have been the day taxes were due? It feels increasingly strange to be stuck at home like this. Not because I’m not used to being stuck at home—I totally did that whenever possible before—but because there’s almost no obligation to go anywhere or be anywhere on time for anyone in my family.

The very fact that time has less meaning now has been my latest mini struggle with this pandemic. I used to go to bed around midnight, wake up by 6:30, try to get an hour of work in by noon, another few by the time my kids were all home, and another couple before bedtime.

Now, I go to bed around 2, wake up past 8, am lucky if I get in one hour by 5 p.m., and then scramble to get in a couple more before bed. Most of my work is done very late at night, probably because that’s when the kids are quietest.

All this has led to some weird form of editor’s block, where my brain just can’t turn on the way it used to.

Before we started self-isolation, I bought one of those ridiculously giant bags of Easter candy, plus some candy from See’s, figuring that we’d be spending Easter alone. Then it was pointed out that Monstrous Me forgot to make sure there were KitKats in the mixed bag, and so I had to make sure we got some in a grocery order.

But in the end, that meant we had a LOT of candy, and only five of us. I will say that after a non-peer-reviewed study (peer review would have meant sharing), I have evidence that says mini M&Ms really do cheer a person up to the point where they can get started. 🙂

I hope you all are staying safe and are healthy!

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