SimpleMarkup #150 – Editorial Nightmare

It’s Thursday instead of Wednesday, and I’m late this week because I was neck deep in finishing up two projects. Plus, I was waiting on a new character, one that I’m sure many of us will recognize immediately—if not by her hair, by her request.

I used to call this person the Armchair Editor, but that kind of reader is a bit more involved, and 2020 seems to have become the Year of the Karen. The Editorial Karen really just wants to nitpick that one tiny error she saw that proves that the editor should be fired, but only after she’s spoken to them and let them know precisely how ridiculous it is that their editorial standards are so low.

So what do you do with this? Check it. If it’s wrong, fix it; if it’s not, leave it. Thank Karen and move on. Or don’t. In my opinion, getting past it and moving on is essential to avoiding a Karen escalation.

Hope you’re safe and healthy!

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