SimpleMarkup #163 – Witches’ Brew 2020

All right, we’re finally at my favorite holiday of the year, which is marred by the suck that is a 2020 pandemic and the dark cloud of politics. But hey, at least everyone already has a mask to wear, right? Har-har!

I’ve gotta admit, it took me a lot longer to write this one than usual. It’s tough trying to be funny when stress levels are so high. I really wish I’d cut myself some slack six months ago when I was booking projects, because if I had a brain, I’d have looked at October and November and thought, Oh, hey, this will probably suck, so you should probably just take several weeks off.

But like any freelancer, the idea of not working, even by choice, is somewhat terrifying, and so on top of a pandemic and distance learning and a messy house, I still have my regular schedule of work, plus a logjam from projects that have kicked up unexpected problems. I’ve been super productive, but it’s really mentally taxing. I definitely need to take my staycation this year.

On a lighter note, here’s a link to the pumpkin spice creamer I use for my coffee. It’s low calorie, nondairy, and yummy. I drink a big mason jar of coffee every day, and I’d totally drink more, so Edie’s coffee cauldron is looking pretty nice right now.

Hope you’re staying safe and healthy, and if you’re in the US, I hope you’ve already voted or have a plan to vote!

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