SimpleMarkup #164 – Fantasy vs. Reality

This week, I told myself that I wouldn’t have it in me to be funny in the slightest, but this comic came to mind late last night, and so here we are. And WOW, I’m actually closing in on 200. Mind blowing!

So yeah, I’m living that good ole “be careful what you wish for” thing this week. I’ve gotten some work done, but not a lot, certainly not as much as I’m supposed to be, so next week will suck pretty hard, when the noise (hopefully) dies down and allows me to start my really hard grind to catch up.

Anyway, I hope you’re all safe, healthy, not stress-eating too much (like I am, *cough*), and managing to stay productive. But if you’re not doing the last two, it’s okay to cut yourself some slack. I know I am. 🙂

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