SimpleMarkup #165 – Editorial Karma

We’re now in Year 5 of 2020, and the end is in sight! It’s almost December! When we can finally put this year behind us. I’m counting the days for sure. This whole month has been so stressful because of both the election and work piling up, plus my inbox jamming up, plus virtual Thanksgiving coming up (I’m planning out a load of sides and desserts and saving takeout containers for dinner delivery). It’s all overwhelming, and yet I still have to focus somehow.

This one is inspired by… me. And some people on my team. And edibuddies. I’ve similar strips for developmental editing, but this one is for line and copyediting, which can sometimes get bloody when it comes to the red markup.

Anyway, it’s always scary to see a reply after turning an edit in, especially heavy ones. Some authors love going through markup; others find it painful. For those who find it painful, sometimes it just takes finding the right editor to make the process go more smoothly.

Hope you’re all safe, healthy, and still sane. Hang in there.

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