SimpleMarkup #166 – The Voice of Unreason

How the heck is it almost Thanksgiving already? The first week of the month went by like molasses and felt like two extra years, and then I blinked and half the month was gone.

I’m currently at 116 straight days of workouts, so go me! I still have my streak going. I’m still not eating great all the time, though, and it’s going to be harder with turkey day coming.

This month, our family will be doing Home-cooked Takeout Thanksgiving. My mom always gets a giant turkey from work, so she’s handling the bird, and as usual, I’m doing a bunch of sides. I’ve been washing the (rather sturdy) lunch boxes that the school lunches come in to use to box up portions of food, and once we put them together, Mr. Pikko will go deliver it to family. It’s not the greatest, but it keeps everyone safe.

This week’s comic is inspired by both me and a comment someone left on last week’s comic. I have a Google Voice number, and while I do use it to do client calls and such, unsolicited phone calls to my Voice number are like little digital ringtones of anxiety. I’m fine with calls on my cell, and I was never leery of my office phone when I worked a 9-to-5 job. I was even one of those sprint-to-the-phone teenagers back when house phones were a thing. (they’re not a thing anymore, right?)

Anyway, there’s just something about strangers calling me out of nowhere on my Google Voice number that just will not do. If you ever call me, and I answer it, check the skies, because Armageddon is upon us.

Have a great rest of your week! And thank god for voicemail.

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