SimpleMarkup #168 – Administressive Tasks

I wrote down the idea for this week’s comic a couple of weeks back, when I was stressing out and dying under the weight of my administrative task list. I’ve fallen behind due to the election, and the overwhelm was becoming almost unbearable.

It doesn’t help that during Black Friday week, I decided to switch CRMs, so now I’m trying to shift my entire clientbase over to Dubsado, set up workflows, task boards, emails, templates, contracts, invoices, payment schedules, portals, and graphics, all while still working and picking away at the already-existing pile of overwhelm.

It’s meant to take Pikko’s House to the next level of business and help with some automation and help me stay on track more, but dang if switching over isn’t a painful process.

I realize her imaginary list of billable edi-lawyer is a bit small, so here’s a bigger image of her list:

Note that the last item comes with multiple profuse apologies.

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