SimpleMarkup #178 – Real Editing

Social media cabin fever is in full force, and I am so ready for things to simmer down as more and more people are vaccinated and the stress of COVID isn’t looming quite so large over all of us. It’s become this noticeable invisible weight of impatience that’s making me cranky and belligerent, and I know other people feel it too.

This week’s comic was inspired by a client of mine and one of the new members of my team, Angela. Pikko’s House Slack convos are often where I get my comic inspiration, and for once I’m posting this early!

While I wear a lot of different hats in the fiction editing arena, the bulk of my experience is in line editing, and since my line service includes copy editing, my day really ends up being a buzzing wasp nest of questions and queries and tasks and deadlines and personal stuff all scrambled up in my head.

I’m honestly surprised I can speak coherently at the end of the day. Being a freelance editor means wearing a ton of different hats, and as I—

Sorry, gotta stop here. My current edit is due in two days!

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