SimpleMarkup #183 – Destruction Editing

I turned 42 last Thursday, which means, according to Douglas Adams, that my life has just begun. I’m thrilled, frankly, and I can’t wait to see what comes! 🙂

This week’s comic is inspired by a few things.

  1. Godzilla, obviously. Godzilla vs. Kong came out last week, and I watched it with two of my kids, and it was great! Lots of smashy smashy, a fun surprise, and great vfx. As a lifelong ゴジラ fan, I was suitably impressed.
  2. Certain editors who interact in groups this way, ignoring the OP’s directive that only limited things can be done.
  3. The fact that I’m actually credited in several books as… Godzilla.

Some proof:

LOL! It’s meant to be amusing, and I promise I try not to be the Godzilla freaking Edie out.

Hope you have a great rest of your week!

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