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I’ve found as the year whizzes by that I have more and more experiences in the kitchen that I’d like to blog about, but many of these don’t really fit into my primary blog, Adventures in Bentomaking.

Despite this silly little technicality, I’ve been posting everything into that one blog for as long as I’ve been blogging and it just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

Then one day, while walking to work, the idea for a new blog popped into my head, even though the last thing I should be doing is starting yet another blog. Still, I can be a pretty terrible compulsive domain shopper. I held out for just around six hours.

Much to my delight, the URL l2cook.com was available and with a quick little purchase of $12 and some clicking around in my hosting account, I was all set to go. Woohoo!

Since not everyone will be familiar with the name, I’ll give a little explanation. The internets are riddled with forum communities and being that I work for a website with a pretty omghuge forum community, I get exposed to a lot of silly little sayings, one of which is “l2read”.

“l2read” is a quirky little retort that you can use when someone has just posted something that reveals that they really haven’t done their homework and read up on something that’s right there in front of their face. Since I frequently find myself in some stupid cooking dilemma, I figured this would be a great name for a site in which I expose what a kitchen noob I am and help all you other kitchen noobs out in the process.

It should be mentioned that I am the author of a cookbook, Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches. By saying that I’m a kitchen noob, I’m not saying that my cookbook sucks, because I am able to produce food that tastes awesome and I wouldn’t have put anything less than that in a cookbook of that quality. What I am talking about is food I make on a day-to-day basis. Dinner for my family usually goes pretty well and I can usually figure out how to use certain things. Great things can happen in my kitchen!

That is, except for that time I accidentally put twice as much salt than was necessary in the World’s Best Lasagna. Or when I rusted a $25 tamagoyaki pan I bought at a pricey Japanese store after the first wash. Or when the awesome wok I bought from an infomercial on tv came with a tiny little dent in the bottom, which caused the pan to only heat in a 1 inch area. Or when I found out my stupid measuring spoons were wrong and I’d added 4x as much pepper than I needed.

This will be my all-encompassing blog for all things kitchen that don’t directly relate to bento. I’ll cook everyday meals, try out online recipes, review products, explore strange foods, whine about disasters, and eventually give out free stuff, so you’ll want to stick around for that.

UPDATE: Learn2Cook has been merged into Pikko’s House.

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  1. Yes, i’m really really JUST now catching a moment between American Idol and getting my Little Helper to bed to surf your blog. How fun! Good luck and happy blogging. I wish I had time and energy for one myself! Cheryl

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