A Bento Restoration

I’ve now been woefully unemployed for about six weeks now and have started applying for writing and blogging jobs in the hopes that I can find something remote to replace the remote job I so unfortunately lost last month.

I know I never did blog after posting my rules for working from home, but I really did take well to it, even though I’d had many doubts. In the end, I found that the benefits of being able to take a short 5 minute break and throw a load of laundry in did wonders for keeping up with Mt. Everest in the bathroom.

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Learn 2 Cook

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I’ve found as the year whizzes by that I have more and more experiences in the kitchen that I’d like to blog about, but many of these don’t really fit into my primary blog, Adventures in Bentomaking.

Despite this silly little technicality, I’ve been posting everything into that one blog for as long as I’ve been blogging and it just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

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