A Bento Restoration

I’ve now been woefully unemployed for about six weeks now and have started applying for writing and blogging jobs in the hopes that I can find something remote to replace the remote job I so unfortunately lost last month.

I know I never did blog after posting my rules for working from home, but I really did take well to it, even though I’d had many doubts. In the end, I found that the benefits of being able to take a short 5 minute break and throw a load of laundry in did wonders for keeping up with Mt. Everest in the bathroom.


Working on Pacific time also left me a couple of hours to run errands without driving around in panic mode trying to get back to work. Oddly enough, the only rule I ended up sticking with was the one everyone told me I’d break first: getting dressed every morning!

Alas, I’m looking for anything now: office or remote. Whatever I end up with, I hope it’s something good. However, since I’m applying for writing and social media jobs as well, I’ve been including links to Adventures in Bentomaking, my little bento blog that started it all.

Then it occurred to me that I never did fix the hundreds of broken images that resulted when I changed from adventuresinbentomaking.com to aibento.net and it doesn’t say much about me if most of the old images on the site simply don’t work. Bento blogs rely on visuals and without visuals, it’s not much of a blog, even if I haven’t posted on it in a while. Job searching aside, people who visit my blog aren’t going to be impressed either.

As such,  since I am just rotting away at home waiting for jobs to apply to, watching Sherlock, and picking away at cleaning the house, I figure I can dedicate more time to finally getting that done.

I should also probably get back on track with Revenge on My Kids. For those of you not sure what I mean, for some time now I’ve been working on a self-published book based on my ROMK Tumblr. I just haven’t been able to finally sit down and format everything. Just one more big thing on my list of big things.

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