Grocery Grumbling: Creamed Honey

It’s a well-established part of my life that when I’m going out with a specific list of ingredients, something on that list will either be too exotic for the store I’m at or completely sold out on that day.

One time I needed butterscotch topping to try a butterbeer recipe and at the first grocery store, they just didn’t seem to carry any. Then I went to Safeway and stood in shock as I looked at the shelf of caramel toppings with one very empty row with a butterscotch tag underneath. Once I needed cilantro for guac and the store was out. Another time it was daikon.

This happened to me again on Superbowl Sunday.

I wanted to make wings, so I went on Food Network and found a highly rated recipe and it called for something called “creamed honey,” which I’d never heard of before. After finding the cream honey row completely empty in the grocery store, I was pretty ticked off. I stood there and busted out my phone and thought, “WELL FINE, I’LL JUST MAKE MY OWN.”

But it turns out, if you want to very easily make as much of your own creamed honey as you want, you need to have… creamed honey. I wanted to scream. I finished up my shopping, drove to a Longs, and found they didn’t even carry it. I went to a Times, they didn’t have any either. I gave up and told myself to just use regular honey. I didn’t care for the end result that much, so maybe it did make a big difference, I don’t know.

Everything I read about creamed honey sounds amazing and since me and Baby Girl are really into eating honey and butter toast lately, I’m going to buy some Trader Joe’s creamed honey on Amazon. It’s a steep price, but if this saves me from driving all around the damn island and also gives me something to start with to make my own, then that’s fine by me.

And if you want to buy some from Amazon too, sorry, but I bought the last one at the cheapest price. I’m finally leaving an empty row of product for someone else! Muahahahaha!

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